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Editor's Choice Monthly Top 5


#1 PurNail

#2 Funginix

#3 Lamisil AT

#4 Dr. Scholl's

#5 Zeta-Clear

Common Causes

Injury to Nail

Weakened Immune System

Sweaty Feet

Walking Barefoot

Improper Nail Hygiene

Accurate Symptoms

Nail(s) May Be:





Prevention Methods

Moisture Wicking Socks

Breathable Footwear

Sleep Barefoot

Kill Fungus In Home

Treat Injuries Properly

Trim & Clean Nails

Eat Healthily & Exercise

Editor's Choice Top 5 OTC Treatments

Toenail & Fingernail Fungal Infection Treatments

#1 Editor's Choice - PurNail

PurNail Bottle - OTC Topical Treatment for Nail Fungus


PurNail Review

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PurNail is made by Vanguard Healthcare Products Inc., and is designed to treat nail fungus infections on both fingers and toes. PurNail is a multidimensional treatment. The formula consists of undecylenic acid (active ingredient) in combination with numerous herbal remedies and oils. Read More...




#2 Editor's Choice - Funginix

Funginix Bottle - OTC Topical Treatment for Nail Fungus



Funginix Review

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A product of Sisquoc Healthcare Corporation, Funginix (which was previously called Fungisil) has been one of the most popular nail fungus treatments for years. Funginix uses undecylenic acid as its fungus killing active ingredient and is designed for use on toenails and finger nails. Read More...



#3 Editor's Choice - Lamisil AT

Lamisil AT - OTC Topical Treatment for Nail Fungus



Lamisil-AT Review

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Lamisil AT is one of the most popular and recognizable nail fungus treatments on the market today. A product of Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Lamisil AT uses terbinafine hydrochloride as its active ingredient to treat infected nails of the finger and toe. Read More...




#4 Editor's Choice - Dr. Scholl's



Dr. Scholl's Review

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Dr. Scholl’s Nail Fungal Revitalizer System comes with one of the most popular and trusted names in the business. A very diverse 13-ingredient formula has help make this a top selling treatment around the world. Dr. Scholl’s comes to us from Shering-Plough Healthcare Products, Inc. Read more...





#5 Editor's Choice - Zeta Clear



Zeta Clear Review

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Like the other four treatments in the top five, Zeta Clear is a highly popular product. The formula is based on the active ingredient of undecylenic acid combined with six supporting oils. Read more...




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